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How do you intend to spend your bonus XP time?

СообщениеДобавлено: 19 окт 2020, 05:20
Some examples: Going to OSRS gold the chicken farm at Lumbridge and inquiring where Lumbridge was. Creating new accounts just to find the 10k from Stronghold of Security and moving it to my chief. Painstakingly spending days to get 100k. Asking individuals to take me to Falador. Getting lost on the dirt path between Barbarian Village and Falador. Coaching on Giant Spiders in the Lumbridge Swamp. NEVER knowing where Port Sarim was ALWAYS getting lost trying to get there. Obtaining Mind Runes by picking up the spawns from the Lumbridge castle. Getting Chaos Runes by picking up the spawns from the Wilderness.

Personally, I'm against having BXP weekends, since these events benefit mainly the men and women who stockpile enormous amounts of equipment to earn profit, while causing costs to rise that you wind up barely saving any cash from the incentive XP. Additionally, these events encourage unhealthy gameplay and/or accounts sharing, since the XP multiplier never enhances to 1x, even after 10 hours. What's more, Summoning receives a bonus to actual XP gain, despite the great majority of time training Summoning being time utilized to collect charms (yes, the bonus is just 1.1x, however after 10 hours it makes no difference). Eventually, I dislike how these events are made with the aim to increase revenue during days where many individuals would otherwise cancel membership for school.

That having been said, how do you intend to spend your bonus XP time? I will probably wind up runecrafting, to get it over with to your Karamja diary requirement. Also another thing. I preferred that more than BXP weekends, because it had a set amount of likely XP and a very long time limit to use up that Potential XP, as a result not hurting the economy as much or rewarding no-lifers/acc sharers more than ordinary players. I would favor having events like that (but for many skills, not just combat) more than BXP weekends.

As it's been brought to many people's attention over the past month or so, freeplay, quite simply stinks. Mainly because the the large number of bots and suck running a muck, making really playing near impossible. I had cheap RuneScape gold been freeplay just two decades back, and I spent nearly 2 years playing that, and it was nothing like what goes on today. It pretty much boils down to a major change: free commerce.